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Notts County defender Matt Tootle reveals struggle with gambling

Notts County defender Matt Tootle reveals struggle with gambling Matt Tootle has spoken out about his problems with gambling Notts County defender Matt Tootle has publicly disclosed his struggles with gambling, saying it is "rife" in football. The 27-year-old has previously discussed his mental health struggles and on Wednesday he wrote about his problems with betting. Tootle wrote on Twitter: "I think the best thing I have ever done is be open and honest about my mental health, as it's drove (sic) me to feel prouder than ever about how I came through the darkest days and be able to help others, which is why I feel I need to be open and honest for the first time about another problem that has been part of my life since I was 16 years old. "I've been a compulsive gambler for as long as I remember and it has brought to me some of my worst memories. Many times I have tried to quit and been unsuccessful and almost lost love (sic) ones closest to me who tried to help. "It's an illness and until you decide you actually want to help yourself you will never get over it.

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